A 100% Free, Crowdsourced Map of Water Fountains

Waterspotter helps you find water fountains for running, cycling, and hiking.

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Find Free Water

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Find Water Fountains

No more worrying about finding water! Use the app to find water fountains (WaterSpots) for your next bike ride, run, or hike.

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Easily Add to the Map

If you find a new WaterSpot not listed, just add it to the map. WaterSpotter uses GPS to automatically add your current location.

Crowdsourced data


Our map is 100% crowdsourced, so it's more accurate, up-to-date, and constantly being improved over time. Users can also verify and flag locations.

App Features

Accurate Locations

WaterSpotter uses precise GeoLocation from your smartphone to create Spots as accurately as possible.

Location "Score"

Each Spot has a score; the higher the number, the more reliable it is.

Verify Location

If you know the spot is accurate and working, verify it to increase the score.

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Add New Locations

Easily add new locations to the map using either your smartphone or web browser.

High Quality Map

WaterSpotter is built on top of MapBox's high quality web map platform.

Flag Location

See a spot that's no longer working or not accurately placed? Flag it and we'll fix it!

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